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SSA and the Bible



How Can Homosexuality Be Wrong if It Doesn't Harm Anyone?


The Church and the ‘Clobber Scriptures’ — The Bible on Homosexuality

Is it “clobbering” people to point out that Scripture identifies their behavior as sinful?

Why Is Homosexuality Wrong?

John Piper answers the title question and makes a helpful distinction between temptation and sin for those who battle unwanted same-sex attraction.

Are All Sins Equally Heinous? A Response to Barnabas Piper

Christians ought not to be chided for challenging homosexuality more than other sins.


God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge — A Response to Matthew Vines

Dr. Al Mohler responds to Matthew Vines' book God and the Gay Christian, in which Vines claims that the Bible does not condemn all homosexual acts as sinful.




 SSA and the Church


Homophobia Has No Place in the Church


An Alternative Script for Same-Sex Attraction
A Plea to Pastors to Talk about Same-Sex Attraction, from One Who Was Loved into Light

I have friends or relatives who struggle with same-sex attraction.  Could you direct me to some biblical, loving articles that I could give to them?

A Christian Psychology of and Response to Homosexuality

What should I say to a friend or a son or daughter if they come to me and say, “I think I’m gay”?

Equipped to Counsel, Part One: How We Do Biblical Counseling Training in Our Congregation

How do we train and raise up balanced counselors in our congregations?

Equipped to Counsel, Part Two: Equipping Counselors for Your Church

What qualifies a person for biblical counseling?




SSA and Change

Study: Change Is Possible for Homosexuals

Scientific journal reveals that change is possible for homosexuals.


Homosexuality, the Grace of God, and the Ongoing Struggle




Loving the Gay Community

should a christian photographer work at a same-sex wedding ceremony?
How Can the Gospel Be Good News to Gays?
The Gospel for a Gay Friend


Why Homosexuality Is not Like Other Sins

Jonathan Parnell discusses the unique message that Christians have to offer in the homosexuality debate.                         

The Gospel for a Gay Friend
Same-Sex Marriage: How Should Christians Respond?



SSA in the News

Following Jesus While Rejecting the Bible?

The Presbyterian Church (USA) votes to ordain openly homosexual candidates to its ministry.


What Happened to Exodus International?
Dig Deeper: Small Numbers, Big Influence

How many lesbian- and gay-identified people live in America? The answer might surprise you. 


Column: Does it matter if only 1.4% of people are gay?

New study finds only 1.4% of the population identifying with same-sex orientation.

University Vindicates Mark Regnerus

Study shows that parents’ homosexual relationships can have negative effects on children.