Prepare Your Parents & Teens

In preparation for your series on same-sex attraction, we suggest communicating with the parents of teens in your ministry. This will give you the opportunity to share your heart on the subject and address any concerns they may feel due to the sensitivity of the material being given. If you choose to send out a letter, the following material may prove useful:


Dear Parents,

Thank you once again for giving us the privilege of serving your teenagers in the Youth Ministry. It is our desire to keep you informed of the church activities that affect your children and to equip you to shepherd them. In July, we plan to preach a five-week series addressing the difficult topic of same-sex attraction. We are praying that the Spirit would humble our church so we can see our own hearts more honestly and love others more compassionately. We believe this series could create excellent opportunities for discussion and transparency with your teenager(s) and we strongly encourage you to use this occasion to shape your child’s thinking regarding this sensitive social issue.

During our Youth Hour, and in conjunction with this series, our Youth Director will be preaching through I Corinthians 13 and addressing heart issues that stem from the series on same-sex attraction. Roundtable discussions, question-and-answer times, and focused book studies are all planned to help the youth in our ministry apply the information they are hearing from the pulpit. We encourage you to be actively involved in this process by allowing your teens to sit with you during the series, following up with their studies from Youth Group, and engaging them on the heart level at home.

If you would like to have more details about this series, please feel free to come and speak to us personally. We would be happy to work through any reservations you may have. Please be in prayer for our church and our teens throughout this series. May the Spirit give us minds for truth and hearts of compassion.


Some parents may choose to exempt their teenager from the series and their decision should be respected.  In that situation, we would suggest that you remind parents of the great need for workers in the upcoming global-missions Children’s program being held during this series.  We strongly encourage you to meet with your parents prior to the series so you can communicate the significance of the series for their teens and answer their questions.