Prepare a Children’s Program

We suggest communicating to parents the nature of an upcoming series on same-sex attraction.  Parents have the right to gauge the rate at which information comes to their children, and they should be given the courtesy of making those decisions.  The sensitivity of the material suggests that we offer children a reasonable alternative to attending the services.  We would encourage you to send out a note similar to the following to notify parents of the upcoming series, its content, and the alternative program you plan to offer to children in the church:


Dear Parents,

Thank you once again for giving us the privilege of serving your children week after week in the children’s ministry.  It is our desire to keep you informed of the church activities that affect your children and to equip you to shepherd them. In July, we plan to preach a five-week series addressing the difficult topic of same-sex attraction. We want you to be aware that your children will be hearing announcements about this in church over the next few weeks, and while none of those announcements will contain any suggestive material, your child may ask questions. You may want to think through how you want to answer questions with your elementary-aged children when this topic comes up. Even if they don’t attend the series, they may hear references to the topic.

We know that at some point you will want to embrace the privilege of shaping your child’s thinking regarding this frontline social issue. However, because of the sensitivity of this material, our church will be running a dynamic children’s program in conjunction with this series that will focus on the gospel in global missions.  This will give you freedom to come to the series and delve into this difficult topic knowing that your children are participating in an exciting alternative program.  The children will enjoy cultural videos, national snacks, crafts, and games, as well as pioneer missionary “visits” and current missionary visits and biographies.

Please be in prayer for our church throughout this series; that the Spirit would humble us to see our own hearts more honestly and love others more compassionately.


Most churches will likely want to produce their own children’s program or reuse an effective program from the past.  There is also a wealth of material available through organizations like Regular Baptist Press, Kids4Truth,  Answers in Genesis, or Lifeway’s Club VBS that might work well.