Plan a Series

Our church normally preaches through books of the Bible. Periodically we set aside 4-5 weeks to address an especially sensitive or vital issue. Homosexuality is such an issue. As you plan a sermon series on SSA, we encourage you to check out the “Resources” tab on this website. You will find helpful sermonsbookssites and articles. If you have questions about other resources, please feel free to contact us. We strongly encourage you to share testimonies of changed lives in the services during the sermon series. If you prefer video testimonies, some samples are included under “Resources.” For a series promotional video idea, click here.

Prepare Your People

If your people are not comfortable with talking about homosexuality, they will need time to prepare for the series. To equip your small group leaders, click here. To engage the parents of middle school and high school students, click here. For thoughts on a kids’ program, click here.

Schedule a Q/A

As the series unfolds, your people will most likely have practical questions. Schedule a Q/A at a convenient time near the end of the series. If you have a counseling team, encourage them to participate on a Q/A panel. We would also encourage you to invite a local leader who specializes in SSA ministry to join you for the Q/A. See or