Ask for Feedback

After the series is finished, invite your people to email you or complete a survey so the leaders of your church can rejoice in what God has done and consider what areas still need to be addressed in the future. The feedback of our people caught us by surprise. Many who had never struggled with SSA began to grasp their new identity in Jesus in ways they had not previously understood. Others became much more humble and bold in the way they interacted with their coworkers and neighbors.

Change Your Culture

Someone has said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The best plans are trumped by culture – what people really believe and what they normally do. If a series on homosexuality is going to transform the culture of a church, the leaders in unity and dependence on the Spirit must continue to live and apply the Word of God to the messy parts of our lives. Sermon illustrations should periodically highlight good news for those who struggle with SSA. Small discipleship/counseling groups continue to gently, but intentionally work the truths of the gospel into the parts of our hearts we would prefer to leave alone. Remember, “Transgression speaks to the wicked deep in his heart” (Psalm 36:1a). Apart from the grace of Christ, sin sounds and feels right – “This is who I am.” As our lives continue to be changed at a heart level, the culture of our churches will continue to be transformed. For ideas on small-group counseling/discipleship, click here.

Take Our Survey

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