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Purchase Love Into Light by Peter HubbardHomosexuality is one of the most controversial moral issues of our day. Headlines teem with stories of athletes "coming out," politicians changing positions and courts handing down same-sex marriage rulings. Sadly the church has often been afraid to talk about homosexuality. Many Christians feel confused and divided between the call to love and the call for truth. And many who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction feel alone and alienated by the church. The time is ripe for God's people to think and speak about same-sex attraction in a way that is both biblical and beneficial. We must reject our fears and misunderstandings and see ourselves together in need of the grace of Jesus. Love Into Light is designed to move the church toward that end. Written from the heart of a pastor with a love for people and a sensitivity to our culture, Love Into Light is your next step toward becoming more faithfully and helpfully engaged with people in your families, in your church and in your neighborhood.


Tim Challies, blogger, author, book reviewer

“It is becoming increasingly clear that homosexuality will be a defining issue for the twenty-first century church, at least here in North America. Many Christians feel threatened, like their backs are against the wall, and that this issue represents a major threat to their faith. But is it possible that Christians have been thinking about the issue all wrong? In his new book Love Into Light, Peter Hubbard asks, “What if homosexuality is not a threat but an opportunity? Could God use one of the most controversial moral issues in our nation to awaken His church rather than damage it?” Is it possible that if we continue on our current trajectory, the church will soon be defined by what we are against, whom we oppose, and all the while the gospel will be lost in the fray?Hubbard writes as a pastor, as a counselor and as a man deeply marked by the gospel of divine grace extended toward human sin. He insists that the gospel makes all the difference, for before the cross we are all the same, we are all sinners, we are all in desperate need of grace.” Read the full review here.

Ron Citlau, reviewer, The Gospel Coalition

“In the midst of cultural chaos, the church is being pressed on every side to explain why homosexuality is not part of God's good plan. So we need substantive, evangelical books on the issue of homosexuality. Peter Hubbard's Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual, and the Church is such a book—one every pastor and lay leader should have and read. Put simply, Love Into Light is a good book because it's centered on Christ and glorifying to God.” Read the full review here.


Ed Welch, counselor and faculty member at CCEF

“This comes at just the right time. . . . Those who live under Scripture are increasingly eager to put on humility, speak with and learn from those who experience same-sex attraction, and consider what all this means for life in Christ's Kingdom.”

Barbara Duguid, Counselor and Ministry Assistant, Christ Presbyterian Church, Grove City, PA

“Peter Hubbard invades the world of same sex attraction in order to understand the struggle, empathize with the fear, alienation and pain felt by Christians who are called by God to walk in this path of suffering, and love our brothers and sisters into the family of Christ instead of pushing them away. Our gospel is robust, powerful and more than sufficient for every kind of human dilemma, especially this one, and Hubbard is breathtakingly Christ-like in showing us how to listen, understand, draw near to and comfort those broken hearted by their own sinful desires and over-desires. Please read this book and give it as a gift to your pastor, elders, and friends.”

Mark GignilliatBeeson Divinity School, Samford University

Love into Light is a big welcome mat at the church's front door for people who struggle with same-sex attraction and for those who wish to love them in Christ's name.”